• Handicap EV charging

    Currently it is extremely difficult for disabled drivers to charge an electric vehicle. Getting out of the vehicle and connecting the charge cable to the vehicle socket is extremely challenging for those with movement disabilities and for elderly drivers. The only available solution today, is allocating service areas around the vehicle and charger but this does not solve the problem and is very costly for the parking lot owner. The Charging Robotics solution will automate the charging process. A simple click on the app and the Robot will leave the docking station, precisely navigate under the vehicle and charge it. We are in the final stages of developing this product which will make life easier for disabled and elderly drivers of electric vehicles.

  • Solutions for automatic car parks

    Automatic car parks are gaining popularity in urban areas as a means to increase the number of parking spaces and fight the rising costs and land shortage. Combined with the EV trend, this requires to develop new methods for charging EV parked in those automatic parking facilities. Once the conveyors and elevators place the car in one of the remote locations of this facility, it is impossible to charge the car by connecting a cable to the charge socket. Utilizing our know how and expertise in wireless charging, we are developing a tailor made solution for wireless charging of EV in automatic car parks. This solution is complimented by our smart-phone app and UI and will offer residents an end to end solution for managing their charging needs.

  • Energy Storing Robots

    Electric vehicles require large amounts of electricity. A major problem is that this electricity is scarce exactly at the times when it is most needed. In office building parking lots, cars are charged during the day, at times when electricity is expensive and in limited supply. The only practical way to solve this is to store energy from times when it is abundant and low cost to times when it is needed. Our electricity storing robots are aimed exactly for this scenario. Electricity will be stored by the robots and bridge the gap between supply and demand.