• Wireless electricity transfer

    Our system demonstrates the ability of to transfer 10kW of electricity at efficiencies of 95% using small coils. In order to achieve such high efficiencies we use proprietary control algorithms and circuit designs using state of the art power electronic components.

  • UI Route Planning for minimal electricity consumption

    Our service to EV drivers starts when they leave their current location. Based on our partnership with “Make my Day”, our user interface will suggest the optimal driving route based on battery state of charge, location of our Robotic Charging Systems, vehicle performance, weather and traffic conditions and the route geography. As drivers arrive, they will use this UI to order the charging service and receive updates on charging progress, payments and tailored promotions.

  • AI & predictive operation

    Our advanced UI enables using information about driver arrival time, time needed for charging, vehicle type and driver preferences to manage the robotic fleet and allocate the robots to the different charging missions. Using AI and machine learning algorithms, we will be able to offer superior level of service and stream line the charging operation.

  • Robot navigation

    Autonomous navigation of the robot starts with Lidar and other sensors which allow the robot to locate the vehicle and plan the route to the optimal charging position. Due to the unique nature of our application we are using patent pending algorithms that make use of information not usually used for robot navigation. Once the robot arrives at the expected charging position, another set of algorithms is used to perfect the alignment between the parts of the system and achieve high charging efficiencies.